GAs across the province are rejecting the government’s newest offer in large numbers, sending a clear message that the movement continues until the hikes are truly cancelled. So far, all of the striking assemblies that have voted have decided to stay on strike. If your department is still on strike, you should be voting on the offer at your next GA. Or you could follow the lead of UdM’s medicine students, who have reportedly voted to go back on strike!

As the strike continues around us, we will be holding an end-of-semester reflection and visioning retreat at some point during the week of the 14th. If you’d like to join us, send us an email at gsmg.mcgill@gmail.com.

Get involved! Email us for more information, or join the mailing list online.
And check out ongoing actions at McGill and in the city on our calendar.

The GSMG stands in solidarity with those arrested and injured by police brutality in Victoriaville, on May 1st, and throughout this strike. We recommend that anyone who has experienced brutality or been arrested in the course of their activism contact the CLASSE legal committee at (438) 933-2773.


Because of our unique position in the academy, graduate students have a lot at stake in the trend to defund and privatize the University. From the intrusion of private and corporate money in determining what gets researched and how, to the increased financial burden on students to cover this research, to diminishing access to student funding and fewer TA hours, the financial position of graduate students is becoming more and more precarious.

Increases to tuition ignore the vital role graduate research plays in Canadian society. Forcing students to enter into student debt for research activities is exploitative. Graduate students need to start taking strong stands against the privatization of the academy, something that gravely compromises the integrity of the important work we do.

More info.


Get together to “Stitch ‘n Bitch about Tuition Hikes” every Monday from 3p.m.-7p.m. at Thomson House (main floor)

Come learn how to knit, get answers to all your tuition hike and student strike questions, and discuss tuition issues. Let’s talk about alternatives to tuition, how we can work towards free high-quality education, whether free education is possible or desirable, and what we can do as students to make our Universities better and more accessible for everyone.

Non-stitchers and non-bitchers welcome.

Join the Facebook Group


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