Working Groups


Email us at and join one of the grad mobilization working groups:


The communications group is in charge of planning and coordinating the dissemination of information in the social networks. it is also responsible for building up networks with other students’ mobilization groups/ associations to create a space of collaboration.


This group is responsible for reaching out to and mobilizing with GSAs, PGSS, AGSEM and other student groups on campus that are organizing events or meetings around actions and issues that concern the GSMG. It is also responsible for organizing information for GSMG members in preparation for general assemblies and other meetings.


Help with translating written materials from English to French.


This group of folks is responsible for coordinating media attention around actions/issues through sending news tips, press releases, and letters to the papers on campus, to the Montreal community and beyond.


This group is responsible for the creation of various materials (pamphlets, posters, flyers, zines, etc) that raise awareness about (and opposition to) the proposed tuition hikes, privatization of education and related issues.


4 thoughts on “Working Groups”

  1. Haidee Smith Lefebvre said:

    Hello folks, would like to participate in the research-action working group.
    Please advise, Haidee

  2. Haidee Smith Lefebvre said:

    sent an e-mail and it was returned as a failure to deliver

  3. ooops, i meant

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