Ongoing Calendar

All GSMG events are free and open to all — graduate students or not.


Although the GSMG as a body neither mandates nor denounces any tactics that advance our shared goal of free and accessible education, the individuals who come together around the GSMG statement of unity may choose to engage with this movement in a variety of ways. Non-GSMG actions and events are shared here on an informational basis.

Strike, Blockade, Occupy
: economic disruption actions.
Nightly demonstrations against the hike, most leaving from Berri Square around 8:30pm.

Or, check the website of the CLASSE for a communal calendar listing most events across the province.

MAY 12-15:
Radical events are planned in the lead-up to the relaunch of Occupy/Decolonize Montreal. Or plan your own!


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